Naked Cakes & Desserts Wetherby

Beautiful Naked Cakes & Desserts

If your style of cake is less icing and more delicious toppings we offer show stopping naked cakes & deserts! These cakes are semi or fully covered with butter cream & can be completely personalised through the colours and toppings. Of course you can always add a hand made custom topper or decorations too!

We also make custom cupcakes, brownies, blondie, rocky road, shortbread and biscuits, please see the menu below.

Starting from prices include plain or coloured butter cream, white or dark chocolate drip, name, age, cake board and ribbon.  The type and amount of toppings will be priced accordingly and toppings include: hand piped butter cream flowers, fresh fruit, brownie pieces, chocolates, sweets

6″ cake starts from £40.00
8″ cake starts from £50.00
10″ cake starts from £65.00
12″ cake starts from £85.00


Our cupcakes are ordered in batches of 12, can be made in any of the flavours from our cake menu and we offer a variety of different cupcake styles to suit every occasion!

Buttercream topped cupcakes start from £2.00 each
Cupcakes with hand made toppers start from £2.50 each
Gourmet Cupcakes decorated with favourite chocolates or sweets start from £2.50 each
Hand piped butter cream flower cupcakes start from £3.00 each


We offer custom, hand decorated vanilla biscuits which can be ordered in full or half batches. The biscuits can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs – the final price and amount of biscuits in a batch will depend on the design.

A full batch will give you 30-40 biscuits starting from £36.00 or a half batch will give you 15-20 biscuits starting from £18.00.


Our home made, baked cheesecakes are a perfect option if you’re not a fan of cake or cupcakes, or make a delicious desert addition!  They are currently available in the flavours: Vanilla with white, milk or dark chocolate, Vanilla & toffee, Lemon with lemon curd, Chocolate and Chocolate Orange.

6″ cheesecakes start from £25.00
9″ cheesecakes start from £45.00

Our tray bakes can also be custom made – choose from Rocky road, Brownie, Blondie, Shortbread, Flappyroad! They serve approx x 10 generous portions or x 20 smaller portions.

Starting from £20.00 per traybake

Our cake jars are filled with sponge cake, butter cream and ganache – plus any other treats you’d like! They are the equivalent to x 3 generous cupcakes and are delicious!

£5.50 per jar



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